Friday, 19 June 2015

The Principles of ISO 9001:2008 
 Quality Management System

All activities, however small or big, first take shape in our minds & then in the real world. Similarly, before one goes all out with the implementation of ISO 9001:2008, one must be very clear about the principles on which this standard is based.

Principle No 01 : : Customer Focus

The fact that a business exists means it has its customers. No customers - No business.Its not very difficult for any one of us to recall the vanishing of pagers & walkmans from the market.

Therefore, any organization that wants to be in business, it must be customer focused. It needs to understand & consistently deliver what the customers requirements are now & what they will be in future. 

Principle No 02 : : Leadership

Since an organization is also a team, it requires leadership. Leadership is needed to establish the unity of purpose. It is needed so that everyone moves in the intended direction. Its needed to achieve cohesion & consistency.

Leadership ensures the commitment of team members, it needs to be prompt in providing resources needed to achieve the intended objectives.

Principle No 03 : : Involvement of People

Yes, involvement of people. Only an involved employee can deliver more, he is the only one who can come up with solutions to problems that an organization faces from time to time. Involvement of people allows the creative juices to become active in their brains.

Principle No 04 : : Process Approach

A process is nothing but a collection of activities, which are generally interrelated. A chain of activities is a process.
So, one should adopt the best practices of doing an activity & this will result into effective & efficient processes.

Process No 05 : : System Approach to Management

A number of processes put together constitute a system. In any organization, a number of processes exist & these are usually interrelated.
So, one should have a holistic approach when dealing with the activities of an organization. Avoid looking at processes in isolation.

Principle No 06 : : Continual Improvement

Yes, this principle talks of making consistent progress towards betterment of processes.
 No organization should be complacent or laid back in its approach. There must be a deliberate & consistent effort to improve the overall system of the organization. A very important key to beat the competition.

This approach helps in reduced costs & better products/services.

Principle No 07 : : Factual Approach to Decision Making

The decisions in an organization must be based on raw facts. And facts are generated from records. One should be purely unsentimental when making decisions. Data & only data should be the your basis for decision making.

Principle No 08 : : Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationship 

Just as customers, the suppliers are also equally important to the existence of an organization. One should treat the suppliers as business partners.


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