Monday, 7 March 2016

ISO 9001 -Quality Management System

What is at the core?

ISO 9001 - quality management system is fundamentally based on PDCA.

The aim of this methodology is to bring consistency in the management system.

"To ensure that the best mechanism that has been identified, is done repeatedly at all times by all concerned."

PDCA stands for - 

P  =  Plan
D = Do
C = Check
A = Act


As is obvious, to achieve the desired results, an organization is required to plan its activities. 

Planning involves identifying & aligning activities/resources in a manner that the desired result is achieved.

Yes, to plan is to get it on paper before it is to be put into practice.

This addresses the key questions like - What is to be done? Why it is to be done? How it is to be done? When it is to be done? By whom it is to be done? Where it is to be done?

To get a feel of how important planning is, think of the contrary words like haphazardly, arbitrarily, randomly, etc.


Once you have done the planning, next is the implementation/execution of that plan. Put to use the processes you have identified, the resources (man-material-machine) you have aligned.


Review what you planned & what you did. Address the gaps if you find any. May be the plan can be improved upon; may be the plan was okay but there was derailment in implementation, take note of the insights that your planning & doing must have brought up.


Now, you are required to incorporate the results back into your planning, that you must have got while checking/reviewing process.

Then act again on the revised plan & follow it up with check & act processes.

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